Join Brazilian Brands

The project focuses on brands, licenses, or characters created in Brazil introducing them in the international markets. In this context, Brazilian Brands is the ideal platform for Brazilian companies (licensees and licensing agents) which plan:

  • to go international
  • to gear up to take part in international efforts
  • to negotiate rights to other countries

Advantages of the project:

  • Ação pioneira no mercado de licenciamento;
  • Inserção internacional planejada e acompanhada por especialistas;
  • Conhecimento em marketing e comércio internacional;
  • Custo de internacionalização ínfimo se comparado à iniciativa individual e isolada.

  • To take part in this project, please contact ABRAL on: (international code 55) 11 5041-9087, or message us via our ‘Contact’ page.